Feeling, the power of music

In the world of music, there is no absolute right or wrong, only whether it is appropriate

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山有木兮木有枝 心悦君兮君不知

《Life's A Struggle》

不论我走到天南 不论我走到地北,不论我走到哪都见识到人心的虚伪,It's kinda funny 在人的眼里只有 Money,外表好像要帮你 却只是想帮他自己,笑容可掬的脸后面 谁知道是个狼心狗肺,连朋友都能背叛 因为只有名利合他口味,她说她爱你的时候讲的是问心无愧,搞不好她爱的是你身后的荣华富贵

# Origin

Attended the 2019 Google Developer Day event, one of which used TensorFlow to play music and was deeply attracted. The original music can still be played like this, the specific video can be viewed, starting from 32.54 'minutes

In addition to my own love for music, I have this website. I hope to make friends who love technology and love music. Let us add to the world of music through technology